Even If it is dark

With smartphones, you can read it even if it's dark!
Somehow I can not sleep ~ Should I read even manga? What do you think? Even though it said that electricity has been erased and it can not be turned on again. My bed has small electricity on the bedside, but if it is this small light it is a bit irritating to read manga · · ·.

But if it were a smartphone! Since there is a smart phone light, you can read manga anywhere, even in the dark! I mean it's very easy-going. Moreover, while falling asleep, while lying down, while lying down, you can easily read any posture.

It's tough to surprise comic books while lying down? Because the manga book is quite heavy, it is tiring to lift. Smartphones are easy when you do that. Especially recently I am surprised because my smartphone got lighter and lighter! In this case you can easily read it while sleeping!